What is your due date?

by admin on April 7, 2012

The first time I heard the words “Your DUE DATE IS ….” I thought that was it.  That was the day I would become a mom, hold my baby in my arms and really feel love like no other.  It wasn’t until another ultrasound said that my due date was a few days off from the first date, that I started to question the certainty of the actual day.  Ultrasound #2 confirmed my suspicions when it gave yet a third date.

I was obsessed with due date calculators like this one http://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-due-date-calculator.

Click here to read an explanation of the due date & what it really means.

I have now had three babies and none of them came on their DUE dates.  My first, was two days after, #2 came a week before, and my third, well, quite frankly I don’t remember when her due date was but it wasn’t the day she was born.  I remember August 2, 2007.  That was my first due date.  I was ready.  I didn’t leave my apartment, I just waited.  Actually, I hadn’t gone more than a block or two from my apartment for about a week in fear of my water breaking.  The worst part was I was at 4cm for three weeks, and 25% effaced for 2 weeks.  My doctor TOLD me I would probably deliver at least a week early.  So, here I was, on my due date and nothing.  By August 3, I was mad.  Then, I decided that I would live as if my due date were September 2.  I went about my day, had lunch w/ my dad (20 minutes away!) and actually had a date night with my husband seeing a movie we thought we would miss since the release date, was yes, my due date and I would be having a baby not watching a movie.  She was born the next morning, August 4.

When I was pregnant with #2, my doctor told me she was pregnant with her first and was due around the same time.  Not to worry she said, I would be “early” and she would be “late” so she would be able to deliver my baby.  I was a week early, but turns out she was a month early & delivered a week after delivering my baby.

It was at that moment I realized what a joke the actual due date is!  It is the carrot on the stick.  Eventually, you’ll get the carrot, but when that baby decides (or the doctor for some) and no one else.  Trust me, I tried everything with #1.

I found a statistic that says only 4 -5% of babies come on their actual due dates naturally.

What a great reason for the Push Pack.  Having a pre-packed labor bag is the way to go!  As I found out when I had my second daughter, once you have one child, time starts to fly.  You get so busy with life that when your second or third … babies are born there is no waiting around for that day.  Then, if they are like mine, they come EARLY and really catch you off guard.   With #2 I was 30 minutes from home, and was told to go to the hospital to have the baby.  Nothing packed.  Toddler with me.  help.

The next time you are thinking of a perfect baby shower gift, just for mom, help her out … get her a Push Pack!

I would love to hear of moms who actually had their baby on the actual due date, naturally.  Is it really only 4% & if so, why doesn’t anyone really tell you that?








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